Don’t Engage with Economic Liars

Instead, use the one-strike rule

On Friday, April 24, 2020, tweeting, “Just give NY our money back,” Governor Andrew Cuomo threw down the gauntlet to Senator Mitch McConnell, who had stated Wednesday during a radio interview that he wasn’t in favor of a “blue-state bailout.”

We’re talking about stealing money out of the pockets of millions of American retirees who did everything right and played by the rules. Such a public fight is damn well worth having, and that’s the only place such a fight should be seen.

America’s golden years coincided with extremely high top marginal tax rates

All bad governance starts with American voters lying to themselves about the things that matter.

2005 Tally of Federal Spending vs. Tax Revenue
2016 Electoral Map
2016 US States Most Dependent on the Federal Government

Globalist Social Democrat. Progress isn’t primarily through better ideas. Progress requires courage to reject bad ideas. Twitter @BlackSun_

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