Holding myself and other white people accountable

This is where I’m from. Even the map of the damn world, is drawn with my ancestors at the very top center. Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) is still kept relative to Greenwich, England.

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I am 99.9% of European descent. French and German, Scandinavian, British & Irish, broadly Northwestern European. I have 0.01% unassigned DNA. And I have 0.00% recent ancestors who are Jewish, Southern European, Central or South Asian, Native American, Melanesian, Sub-Saharan African, or Western or North African. I’m lily-white, “Caucasian” to the bone.

I have more Neanderthal DNA, than 37% of other humans. It predisposes me to having a worse sense of direction, being less likely to have a fear of heights, being a better sprinter than distance runner, being more likely to sweat during…

Community Standards

Crossposted from The Radical Secular blog

I was banned for 3 days without warning, 30 days after posting this


Donald Trump’s single four-year term forever damaged the American presidency. The 45th president sullied the office with his behavior before, during and after his tenure.

Many of his speeches and nearly every tweet contained open hatred and mockery of his fellow Americans. Instead of inspiration, he offered grievance. Instead of calm, he projected incitement to further hatred and violence on the part of his followers.

Yet because Trump held the highest office in the land, few had the courage to silence him. In spite of the 30,000 documented lies he told during his term, most journalists and social media companies…

Tankers full of ink, digital and otherwise, have been spilled worldwide, about the traitorous, lawless thug Donald J. Trump. Over the past four years, he has sullied the office of President of the United States in countless ways. Now, at his specific urging, an armed mob attacked the seat of our government, and American blood was spilled inside our Capitol building.

Warnings and advice from America’s best experts in all fields, about the dangers of Trump’s incendiary behavior, were ignored for years by many Republicans, in favor of Trumpiness — an end in itself — and “making liberals cry” at…

Affordable motion capture software allows 3D modeling of realistic faces, which can be animated to say things they never said.


The Ultimate Tool of Deep Injustice

by Sean Prophet

Deepfakes are near-perfect videos of things that never happened — of Presidents, and Prime Ministers, and professors, and scientists, and historians, and celebrities, and ordinary people saying things they never said, and doing things they never did. Deepfakes are near-perfect photos and morphing videos of people who never existed. Deepfakes are near-perfect “nude photos” of real people who were actually photographed with their clothes on. Deepfakes are near-perfect pornographic videos of real people — including celebrities — having sex with fake people, or with other celebrities, or people they’ve never met.

Deepfakes combined with the internet and…


People who look like me are destroying civilization

The Halifax County, VA militia has applied to officially work with law enforcement

Let me tell you exactly. We are living at a time in history when we have every single technological and social development in place that would secure a prosperous and just future for all of humanity.

We are about to potentially colonize the other planets in our solar system.

We understand more about ourselves than any humans ever have.

We’re on the verge of curing cancer and resequencing our DNA to get rid of hereditary diseases.

We’re very close to eliminating drudgery and replacing it with automation so that every human being can live a life of creativity and meaning…


Racism, Fascism, Nazism, Theocracy

The flag often becomes a substitute for thinking about what our nation really stands for

When ignored warnings repeatedly come true, it’s absolutely no consolation for the warners, who suffer right along with the ignorers.

For decades now, liberals have warned their fellow Americans of the dangers of racism, fascism, Nazism, and theocracy. We’ve fretted about history repeating itself. We’ve been shocked by the ignorance of the younger generation about historical atrocities like the Holocaust. We’ve obsessed about the dystopian nightmare of The Handmaid’s Tale. Still, the extreme importance of the separation of church and state is lost on a lot of people. This is why I co-host my podcast called The Radical Secular. Too…


No mask = murder

Photo by Anastasiia Chepinska on Unsplash

Stay home if you can. But if you must go out, wear your mask. You will likely encounter any number of unmasked people. And you should be very concerned about that. Steer clear of the unmasked, especially indoors, whenever possible.

Just one person not wearing a mask in a room can infect everyone else. Even if everyone else is wearing a mask. So you’re not masking up as much to save yourself, you’re masking up to save everyone else.

Droplets that come out of an unmasked person when they talk and breathe can hang in the air for minutes, even…


Toxic masculinity — and the denigration of everything female — is destroying our civilization

On the night of Trump's election, I felt a creeping dread and a sense of despair for the loss of world civilization. It was as if every lesson we'd collectively learned, every advance we'd made, every hard-won morsel of knowledge, every bit of progress we had enjoyed since the Enlightenment, was unceremoniously tossed in the trash bin, in an instant.

Some people extended the trash metaphor and labeled our situation a “raging dumpster fire” — which has proven more accurate than any of us would like to believe.


Russia and the “emails” and Jim Comey helped sink Hillary, but your brain did the real dirty work

Who will it be?

Let’s take a fantasy trip to the near-future: January 20, 2021 is a clear, fine day in Washington, D.C. All eyes and cameras are trained on the scaffolding outside the US Capitol. Dignitaries, including former presidents, have taken their places. There are fewer of them, more space between seats, and everyone is still wearing a mask. The National Mall is empty, so there won’t be any disputes about crowd sizes, this time. At 12:01 pm, the Chief Justice of the United States, John Roberts, steps forward to administer the oath of office to the next President of the United States.


Calls to release states from pandemic lockdown are fully delusional

Photo by LOGAN WEAVER on Unsplash

What could be worse for the economy than being locked down indefinitely? Only one thing:

Opening prematurely, restarting exponential spread of the pandemic, and then being forced to close again.

Where would premature opening leave us in 30 to 45 days? In the exact position we are now, only with vastly more deaths and more stress to the supply chain, if that were possible.

Calls to reopen are laden with assumptions that are frankly, insane:

  • That we have somehow peaked and are now on the down slope of the spread of the pandemic. We haven’t.
  • That the economy is only…

Sean Prophet

Globalist Social Democrat. Progress isn’t primarily through better ideas. Progress requires courage to reject bad ideas. Twitter @BlackSun_

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